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Julia Emslander's artistic practice explores how the use of different surface and material properties opens up a playful experience of changing light conditions between reflection and absorption. To experience these subtleties, viewers are invited to interact directly with the painting not only mentally, sensually, but also physically. 
A communication between the physicality of the recipients and the work as well as the incidence of light on the image carrier and back to the viewers is created. In this way, the viewers are invited to take on different perspectives, both literally and symbolically.
Through the "not seeing" and subtleties of her monochromatic paintings invite the viewer to a close exploration of the picture surface and the color used as a material. Where at first little seems to be seen, the gaze can lose itself in the endless blackness of color and turn inward. The look back to the front is thus a direct action or its instruction in looking, but also an interplay between reflection, absorption and reflection. 
In addition, Emslander uses the road and the night as a metaphor for an inner reflection, the uncertain, mystical and a path that is taken in life.